Plus500 Broker Review 2020

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Plus500 Broker Review 2020
Plus 500 Article Fx Watchdog

Official Fx Watchdog Verdict: Plus500 comes with high reviews across the masses with an excellent platform and trading fees.

Time for the Plus500 broker review! Plus500 is a broker that doesn’t do surprise. In the complex world of investments, this is an honest and transparent broker. Their Head office is based in Cyprus with over 200,000 customers worldwide. They designed a strong business strategy with a focus on CFDs. Do you want to start investing your money in this venture? Find out if Plus500 is the broker for you. 

When was Plus500 founded?

Founded as a leading online trading platform in 2008. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission approved, regulated and classified Plus500 CY Limited as a Cyprus investment company. As a broker, they began selling CFD shares without charge in 2009. The company has grown tremendously over the last 10 years by integrating more than 2000 financial instruments into its portfolios, such as ETFs, launching mobile applications for the equity market and broadening its global reach by providing over 1000 stocks from a broad spectrum of the world markets.

One of the company’s key achievements was in 2014 as the valuation of $1 billion USD in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) part of the London Stock Exchange. Since 2015 Plus500 has been a main sponsor of the famous football club Atletico de Madrid. On top of that Plus500 sponsored the Super Rugby Australian Conference Championship in 2017. The following year, the business experienced a transition with the advent of trade in which both mobile and desktop computers became compatible with trade activities. The companies standard shares were listed on the main LSE.

A reputation of 12 years serving vivid varieties of advanced services with technological analysis, by providing investors with the best features to trade and by guiding them with indicators and statistics.

Which financial instruments does Plus500 offer?

The company offers a method of trading seven major financial classification instruments through CFDs; forex currencies, cryptoassets, indices, ETFs commodities, shares and options.


+500 trades worldwide indices with leverage such as USA 500, NASDAQ 100, and France 40.


Commodities are natural resources such as oil, gold, natural gas, silver, coffee, cocoa and sugar. Plus 500 offers you the option to invest in real products.


500 plus is a platform open to participants to purchase, sell, exchange and speculate currencies. The firm covers all major currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP.


Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, usually using a decentralised network for safe financial transactions. The trading platform of +500 allows you to speculate about the price fluctuations without actually owning crypto CFDs. The benefits are you can trade 24/7, you don’t need a special wallet or an exchange account and selling crypto CFDs is as easy as buying them.

  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum
  • NEO
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • IOTA


500 plus has been active in the trading of equity securities. Trading CFD of common shares in major markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.


500 Plus is a platform that enables an investor to purchase and sell a security, an ETF or an index at a forecast price over a given period of time. The company deals with 13 major stocks and indices worldwide.

  • Germany 30
  • France 40
  • UK 100
  • USA 500


Contracts on EFTs are offered on:

  • ETFs gold
  • FAS
  • iShares silver
  • GLD-gold
  • iShares UK 100
  • VXX volatility (ETFs)
  • SPY
  • Commodity index fund
  • iShares AEX
  • USO-oil fund
  • iShares Japan
  • UNG-gas fund
  • QQQ
  • OIH-oil service

Is Plus 500 a trustworthy broker?

The company, which was founded in Israel in 2008, now serves 51 countries around the globe. The company is registered and headquartered in Haifa Israel and has subsidiaries in the UK. Plus 500UK Ltd is a regulatory entity authorised by Financial Conduct Activity (FCA). Plus 500CY Ltd is authorised and controlled by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

500Plus is registered with the financial conduct activities of CySEC, FMA, FSCA, ASIC, ISA and the MAS. All of these regulatory boards provide accountability and clarity for a visionary business approach in the share trade market.

Plus500 protects its customer assets and their trade activities even when the firm becomes insolvent. The company maintains a separate account at controlled banks. Plus 500 also provide negative balance protection that ensures investors cannot lose more than they spent on or in the account.

Customer service, a plus?

Customer feedback is supported by 24/7 email and live chat support in 15 languages. Traders have access to the website and mobile app, which are available in 30 different languages. In 2018, the company started trading on London’s main market as a component of FTSE 250. The company makes traders trade with ease and with genuine support, both technically and on the market.

Its operation covers Europe, the Middle East-Mediterranean region and North America, making it a global platform for trading. They give ample customer support through a 24/7 online chat and email service. Although they do not support a telephone feedback system, their only chat system is user-friendly and responsive. Responses are prompt and quick, which their clients appreciate.

Pros and cons


  • They have more than 2000 trading instruments and tools
    • Bitcoins, Ethereums and other cryptocurrencies are available
  • Serves 51 countries all over the world
  • Great technical assistance
  • Compatible with both desktops and mobile apps
  • The lowest spread of commission in comparison to other markets


  • Fewer resources for educational purposes
  • Some of the 2000 tools have analytical techniques
  • Their web trader cannot be linked to other trading platforms


Brokers 2020 research tools and insights

When it comes to research, analysis, tools and their overview, Plus500 has very little to offer. The firm provides little in-house blogs or informative articles and there are no news feeds available. +500 offers profit schedules, a service that works fantastic. Customers of Plus500 anywhere else do not access this knowledge. Traders can make technical analyses of all of the instruments under consideration, which are an added bonus. These also have indicators showing which traders buy a product such as the GBP/USD currency couple and which percentage of Plus500 clients sell it.


The company expects its clients to know what they are getting into, the risks and the challenges, and offer them a resource kit before becoming a trader. The organisation only provides a ‘Key Information Guide’, which explains and outlines the existence and risk of each financial device.

Mobile and desktop compatibility

Plus500’s web trader is simple and trading is very user-friendly in any browser. It has an interface that lets the trader create watch lists and analyse charts. More than 100 technical indicators can be used in different frames along with tick charts can be scheduled on a timely/weekly basis.

The mobile application contains all of the features that are available from the desktop edition. The additional advantage security measures like fingerprint locks, retina scanning, etc. The usability of the app is rather complex and thus the diagrams and statistics can be displayed in the entire device, giving the technical review a clear picture.

Do they ask investment fees?

The broker does not charge any commission on the trade activities. It also does not charge any on deposits or withdrawals or even termination of accounts. Trading and investment plans are made in large volume with a wide variety of tools. Traders can qualify for a professional account that offers a high level of activity-based leverage. If your account is inactive for 3 months without any trading, the company does charge a fee.

Compared to other markets, spreads at Plus 500 have been the lowest. New traders will be limited to research and analysis tools and are therefore not dynamic for trading. Other fees are lower when compared to their competitors.


Today, Plus500 has an annual revenue of $354.5M USD. It employs a workforce of 349 employees and has a diversified range of financial and investment services. It is noted as one of Europe’s large market leaders. It continues to develop in speed and supports its traders across 51 countries in just 12 years since its formation. Plus500 is a low-risk broker, which focuses on experienced traders. 

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  • Honest and transparant platform
  • Large portfolio of financial assets
  • Great customer service
  • Lowest spreads compared to competitors
  • Low trading fees


  • Not a lot of educational tools or research options
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