City Index Broker Review 2020

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City Index Broker Review 2020
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Fx Watchdog Official Summary: We believe they are authentic financial service providers with a strong customer fan-base and high payout level.

It is time for the City Index review. If you have wondered about the existence of a single platform with all trading services such as Forex, CFD and Spread Betting, here’s City Index Trading for you! Established in the UK in 1983, City Index has pioneered as one of the top-tier leaders in Spread Betting, Forex and CFD trading throughout the world. With 35 years of exceptional experience in the trading industry, City Index has proved to be the best CFD professional in the field. With numerous awards making it one of the best trading platforms. Let’s dive deeper into this broker platform, find out what you didn’t know and explore what CityIndex can offer you.

Providing clients with over 12,000 markets to choose from across Forex, Indices, Shares, and Commodities, they have emerged as global leaders in trading. City Index not only provides a large market to its traders but it also helps the traders grow by rendering them, with the essential tools they need, to improve their trading skills.

City Index is committed to providing a market-leading service based on fair and transparent prices and wholesome customer support. Moreover, City Index is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is the official financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. Find out more in this in-depth City Index broker review.

Key benefits

With over 35+ years of experience, City Index is committed to providing outstanding service to their clients. They offer impeccable fund security, where the client does not need to worry about the hassles of bank accounts and transaction fees.

City Index is authorised and regulated by the FCA and has to hold client funds following the client money rules declared by them. Hence, they provide segregated client money bank accounts. For a retail client, their money is completely segregated from City Index’s funds in separate accounts. City Index effectively guarantees the management and provision of safety.

Under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the clients of City Index enjoy various benefits. They may be compensated up to £85,000 by the FSCS in the event of a liquidation. In addition to this, the City index offers free and safe deposits and withdrawals to its customers. They also manage all aspects of an account quickly via their secure funding portal.


While creating the City Index review, we also research its parent company GAIN Capital Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GCAP), one of the largest retail and institutional trading providers across the globe. With a strong track record in providing institutional and retail customers with trading services. Gain Capital has gained immense success and trust in the trading world. GAIN Capital was founded in 1999 with a solo mission to supply traders with low-cost access to foreign exchange markets.

Since then, they have come a long way to expand their product offering and global reach immensely. They now provide 150,000+ retail and institutional investors with access to over-the-counter or off-exchange trading and exchange-traded markets. Gain Capital meets the highest standards of financial reporting, corporate governance, and substantial disclosure. GAIN Capital is headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey. It has an excellent global presence equipped with 800+ staff across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

What trading platforms does City Index provide?

City Index has multiple choices for its customers ranging from top-notch HTML5 Web Trader platform to their downloadable AT Pro platform or their iOS/Android mobile Apps. They have issued fast and flexible workspaces with features like trading directly through charts, along with real-time news from Reuters in-platform. Their service was voted as the Best professional trading platform by 2019 Shares Awards.

The platforms and the features provided are as follows: 

1.      Web Trader

A trader can experience exceptional tools and features to help them trade the markets with HTML 5 Web Trader on City Index. It allows the client to access advanced charts with custom indicators to make the trading process smooth and agile. With a quick and reliable HTML5 technology, a trader can execute his/her trading strategy with precision.

2.     Mobile Trading App

City Index’s advantage trading apps are available for both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. With the app, clients can have secure 24-hour access to their trading account. Along with Live streaming of prices and charts. Clients can also access the live Reuters news feed and an economic calendar. Start trading on City Index apps. It makes the life of traders easier and dynamic.

3.     AT Pro

AT Pro is a desktop platform designed by City Index for advanced users who needs efficacious and productive analysis tools. The clients can enjoy the choice of trading templates coupled with an advanced charting package. Furthermore, they get access to improved speed and efficiency in trading.

4.    MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader4 (MT4) comes with a comprehensive array of features, enhanced by City Index’s service, pricing, and support. With expert advisors, custom indicators, and trading signals, City Index ensures the best service for its traders. This platform can be accessed on all Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Pros of trading with City Index

With 35+ years of experience, the City index is a legend in the investment world. They have been voted the “Best Trading Platform”, “Best Mobile Application” and “Best Spread Betting Provider” at the OPWA Awards 2019. The principal reasons for their win are the first-class service they provide to their customers.

Furthermore, clients can customise their trade settings and personalise them to suit their trading style. City Index offers a one-click trading mode where clients can increase the speed with which they trade. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the vast trading opportunities in fast-moving markets. You can toggle easily between one-click and two click-settings.

At the same time, City Index offers an option to adjust your price tolerance. Clients can now adjust price tolerance on a per instrument basis to increase or decrease the amount of slippage they are prepared to accept if the execution price moves away from their order level.

City Index’s execution technology has been designed to give traders a competitive edge over others with the following benefits.

       Trade using unrealized profits
City Index allows their client to use any unrealised profits from open positions as margin for any new positions that they may wish to open. City Index allows their client to maximize their trading resources to the full extent. 

       Futures rollover discount
If a client wishes to automatically roll over their futures trade at expiry, they will only pay half the spread. Their position will be closed at the mid-price and re-opened in the next contract at the bid/offer.

       Going long and short simultaneously
If a client wishes to hedge an existing position, they can do so by selecting the hedging button in the order ticket. Which will allow them to go long and short simultaneously on the same instrument.

       Scaling in and out of trades
Clients can effortlessly scale in and out of trades by adding to or closing out their trade-in increments. When closing out, they can select which order to close out on a first in first out (FIFO) or non-FIFO basis. 

       Closeout level
City Index will aim to close out trades if a client’s funds fall below 50% of their margin requirement to protect clients against negative balances.

       Price improvement
If the price moves in a client’s favour while their order is being processed, City Index will execute their order at a better price, increasing their opportunity to make a profit.

Does City Index offer partnerships? 

There are 6 partnerships provided for City Index customers. 

1. Affiliates – City Index has a service through which consumers can benefit from their affiliate network via their traffic. For each affiliate reference, consumers can also obtain a competitive CPA from this service.

2. Regulated Introducing Brokers – For regulated brokers, City Index offers a comprehensive introducing broker (IB) program.

3. Liquidity API – City Index connects its clients to CFD markets and thousands of new spread betting with the City Index API.

4. White Labels – Clients can connect their customers to new markets under their brand with a full white label of City Index’s trading service.

5. Institutional ECN trading – Clients can access agency trading through GAIN Capital’s proprietary ECN, GTX on diverse multi-source FX liquidity.

6. Exchange-traded futures – Clients can offer futures to their customers through City Index’s Introducing broker program or managed futures.

If you are looking for a partnership with City Index, you can opt for any of the partnerships that suit you the most depending upon your potential, expertise, and result. By pursuing the client’s goal with confidence, City Index aims to extend a diverse range of financial products and provide the most advanced technological trading.

Protection with City Index

At City Index, traders are committed to the policy of delivering the best trading execution. They believe that quality execution is requisite to market integrity and the delivery of beneficial outcomes for clients. A variety of factors are taken into consideration while ensuring that they deliver the most reliable execution possible across Spread Bets and CFD trades. From aptness and integrity of the price to the speed and likelihood of execution, City Index commits to fulfilling all the needs of their clients.

Continuous price updates

As part of the GAIN Capital Group, City Index sources the pricing and liquidity from relevant exchanges and market participants. Which forms the foundation of the price people pay for their trades. City Index commits to reviewing their pricing and liquidity from liquidity providers, exchanges, and ECNs regularly to ensure that clients get the best possible price. At City Index, they make it easy for clients to set their preferred price tolerance for each market. While respecting the pre-determined tolerance limits, City Index constantly seeks to improve its client executions.

The spreads that they apply to their market prices form one of the core charges that clients pay them when they execute the client’s trade.

City Index is committed to fair, transparent prices, and they uniformly review their spreads while also reducing them to help keep down customer’s transaction costs. The primary reason for offering different types of spreads on various markets is to reflect the underlying market conditions. They adjust their prices by being relative to their client activity, market events, or underlying volatility. Using automated execution, they promise to handle as many orders and trades as possible.

Benefits for partners

GAIN Capital has an experience of over 18+ years in enabling businesses with product portfolios, which will help expand their offering. Partners can view and manage their business in real-time. They can utilize various services such as a fully automated and optimized fast customer on-boarding. They can get started in days with no upfront investment and can avail City Index expertise in retail trading to help your business grow.

Bottom Line of City Index Broker Review

Conclusion of this City Index review. Winning three OPWA Awards 2019 and voted as “Best CFD Provider” at the ADVFN Awards 2019, City Index has proved to provide reliable assistance to their traders. They not only issue a trading platform but also have a training program for their traders on their website. They provide trading platforms with exceptional partnership options and customer service.

Is City Index the brokerage for you? Compare them with Exness Broker.


  • Easy sign up process
  • Seamless apps in IOS/Android
  • Quick pay-outs
  • High rate of successful withdrawals
  • Scalping is permitted


  • Ambitious sales team
  • Speculative trading signals
  • Long waiting times on phones
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