CMC Markets Broker Review 2020


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CMC Markets Broker Review 2020
CMC Markets Broker Review

Official Fx Watchdog Verdict: CMCMarkets comes with high reviews across the masses with an excellent variety of financial assets to trade in.

CMC Markets provides services to more than 60,000 traders all over the world from their 15 offices. Founded in 1989, it has built a strong reputation on the basis of the experience of many traders and trust. Controlled by some of the most recognised regulatory bodies in the world including FCA (UK), IIROC (Canada), and ASIC (Australia), they are listed on the LSE under CMCX. CMC Markets is a company based in the UK that provides spread betting, online trading in shares, foreign exchange across the globe, and contracts for betting (CFDs). CMC markets has its headquarters located in London, with centres at Singapore and Sydney. It also has its name registered on the London Stock Exchange. The trading platform, developed on proprietary software provides you with the opportunity to trade with CFDs. With privileges to trade on both mobile devices and other web-based platforms, the company makes available a number of educational and analytical tools to further enhance your experience. There are numerous reasons why you may want to consider CMC Markets as your preferred choice of broker, but the question you should ask is: what distinguishes them from other competitors in the market? Not to worry, in this review we will provide you with all the necessary information you require to make the best decision. What you didn’t know about this broker yet. Let’s start our CMC Markets Broker Review.

CMC Range of Markets


CMC markets allow clients to trade on the costs of more than 10 cryptocurrencies via CFD or spread betting trading account. That is to avoid the stress of selling and buying the cryptocurrency itself or requiring an exchange account or wallet. Below is a table revealing trading hours, margin rates and minimum spreads for their cryptocurrency instruments.

InstrumentMargin rate fromMinimum spreadTrading hours
Ethereum/USD50%1.411 pm Sun – 9 pm Fri
Bitcoin/USD50%3711 pm Sun – 9 pm Fri
Bitcoin Cash/USD50%1.811 pm Sun – 9 pm Fri
Ripple/USD50%4011 pm Sun – 9 pm Fri
Litecoin/USD50%4511 pm Sun – 9 pm Fri



CMC markets have FX pairs that are available to trade and spread bet as CFDs. They provide prices on above 330 forward currency pairs and cash, covering the entire minor and significant pairs including GBP/USD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

Take a look at the margin rates, minimum spreads and trading hours for their most famous traded FX pairs in the table below.

InstrumentMinimum SpreadMargin rate fromTrading hours
EUR/GBP1.13.3%Sun 21:00 – Fri 22:00
AUD/USD0.75%Sun 21:00 – Fri 22:00
EUR/USD0.73.3%Sun 21:00 – Fri 22:00
USD/JPY0.73.3%Sun 21:00 – Fri 22:00
GBP/USD0.93.3%Sun 21:00 – Fri 22:00


Take a spread betting or CFD position on the price dynamics of top global indices. Select from over 90 forward indices and cash, including the US 30, UK 100 and Germany 30.


CMC markets helps traders to speculate on more than 100 forward and cash commodity instruments, including West Texas crude oil and Brent, Natural Gas and Silver, with competitive spreads.

InstrumentsMinimum spreadTrading hoursMargin rate from
Crude Oil West – Cash3Sun 23:00 to Fri 22:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon- Thu)10%
Crude Oil Brent – Cash3Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (closed 23:00-01:00 Mon-Thu)10%
Gold – Cash0.3Sun 23:00 to Fri 22:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon- Thu)5%
Natural Gas – Cash0.3Sun 23:00 to Fri 22:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon- Thu)10%
Silver – Cash2.5Sun 23:00 to Fri 22:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon- Thu)10%


CMC markets offer trade CFDs or Spread bet on over 9,000 shares from 23 nations, including Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Facebook and Apple. It provides competitive commissions on share CFDs while their margin rates begin from 20%.

Their least commission charge to trade additional spread and share CFDs for spread betting is 2 cents for US and Canada-listed shares and 0.10% for UK shares.

CountryCMC additional spreadNumber of sharesMargin rate fromTrading hours
US1-4 cents3,800+20%Daily 14:30-21:00
UK0.10%700+20%Daily 08:00-16:30
Germany0.10%200+20%Daily 08:00-16:30
France0.10%200+20%Daily 08:00-16:30
Spain0.10%80+20%Daily 08:00-16:30


CMC markets provide CFD trading and spread betting on a range of treasures, including bonds, gilts, treasury notes and bunds. Clients can trade on more than 40 treasury instruments, with margins starting from 20%. Their spreads begin from 1 point on Schatz, Euribor and Short Sterling.

InstrumentMargin rate fromMinimum spreadMargin rate fromTrading hours
Euro Bund – Cash20%220%Daily 07:00-21:00
Euro Bobl – Cash20%220%Daily 07:00-21:00
Euro Buxl – Cash20%420%Daily 07:00-21:00
US T-Bond – Cash20%320%Sun 23:00 to Fri 21:00 (daily break between 22:00 and 23:00 Mon to Thu)
UK Gilt – Cash20%220%Daily 08:00-18:00

Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is the act of trading securities through the mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Mobile trading has transformed the trading industry, by making providing smartphone utilisers with the privilege to trader wirelessly, outside the confines of conventional trading methods. Mobile trading has provided a higher level of flexibility and control to traders. Their apps are custom-engineered for high performance across both iOS and Android operating systems. From setting up a number of notification types to initiating an order and monitoring your progress with their fully efficient charts, you are handed the ability of trading from anywhere.

MetaTrader 4 Account

MetaTrader 4 (MT4), developed by MetaQuotes, is viewed as one of the most prevalent forex trading platforms in the world. In addition to FX, customers are handed with the capability of trading CFDs over several popular commodities and indices.

MT4 allows traders to utilise automated programs known as Expert Advisors (EAs), which tracks the markets and can be customised to trade on their behalf. Clients can use an existing EA or develop their own program.

Traders can download the MT4 trading platform to their desktop computer and trade while on the go with the MT4 app for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

MT4 Benefits and Features

Below are of the benefits attached to trading on MT4:

  • Obtain competitive spreads in conformation with their next-generation platform.
  • Utilise the trading robots (Expert Advisors) to automate your trading.
  • Observe and copy the strategy of other strangers.
  • Analyse the markets with a good number of indicators, indications, chart types and drawing tools.
  • Download free add-ons and MT4 indicators to improve your suite of trading tools.
  • Select and configure your setup from more than 22 languages.
  • Clients while on the move with MT4 app for Android devices or iPhone.

What CMC markets offer Traders

Value for Money

CMC markets goal is to make available tight spread notwithstanding market volatility, delivering reliable and competitive pricing. They provide eye-catching spreads right across their product range, from 1 point on key indices like Germany 30 and the UK 100, 0.7 points on USD/EUR, and 0.3 points on Gold. Their rates begin from 3.3% for forex, 20% for treasures and shares, 5% for commodities and indices.

More Trading Opportunities

With thousands of CFD instruments and spread betting to trade across indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, shares, commodities and treasuries, traders are capable of creating a diverse portfolio, thereby increasing their prospective trading opportunities.

Intuitive Platform

Next Generation is CMC markets’ pioneering, unique online trading platform. It’s already attracted several awards globally, and they seem not to be stopping there. CMC markets are steadily making enhancements and including new functionalities, tools and features to the platform to improve trading experience.

Dynamic Charting Capability

CMC markets’ award-winning charts offer many features to aid traders chart analysis, including over 115 drawing tools and technical indicators, multiple chart types, a chart forum community and pattern recognition feature.

Execution Control

Enter and exit trades in a jiffy with CMC markets’ cutting-edge technology. There are several order types available so that traders can regulate how and when they want their trades to be executed. For instance, their one-click trading feature permits traders to perform a trade almost immediately. At the same time, for improved order management, you can place boundaries to regulate any prospective slippage in the market.

Risk Management

CMC markets’ have created an extensive range of risk-management features to support traders manage risk appropriately, helping to minimise losses and safeguard potential profits. If a trader desire 100% assurance that trade will close at a specific price if it shifts against him/her, CMC markets provides guaranteed stop-loss orders (GSLOs) for a premium. This premium is fully refunded if the GSLO is not activated.

24/7 Customer Support

Traders have access to around-the-clock support at any moment when the markets are open, from their dedicated customer services team. If traders happen to encounter any trading, technical or account difficulties, they can easily and quickly contact a member of their expert team.

Security of funds

Under CMC markets’ FCA obligations, they respect Client Assets (CASS) rules to make sure all customer funds are safeguarded. As a result, they (CMC markets) separate traders money from their own and keep it in a separate bank account.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) saves qualified claimants up to £85,000 in the unforeseen event that are not able to reach their financial obligations.


Regardless of your level of experience in trading, CMC markets range of education resources can aid you to learn a whole lot more. At the same time, their step-by-step guide will support you in maximising the benefits that their advanced trading platform provides. CMC markets provide a perfect fit for low-skilled and new traders, together with competitive spreads, free live demo accounts, and useful educational resources. I must say, CMC Markets is a beautiful choice for CFD and forex traders.

Is CMCMarkets the broker for you or does DeGiro platform is a better match?


  • Regulated by top-tier authorities
  • Wide variety financial assets
  • Great educational tools
  • Personal client service


  • Website only available in English and Chinese
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