Exness Broker Review 2020

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Exness Broker Review 2020
Exness broker review 2020

Official Fx Watchdog Verdict: Exness comes with high reviews across the masses with an excellent variety of trading tools.

The Exness Group was established in 2008. They possess an in-depth understanding of what traders truly want. They endeavour to make available favourable trading conditions for their customers on the Forex market. Exness supports its clients globally to actualise their maximum potential. Over the years, the Exness Group has evolved at a remarkable rate and is known today as a leader in the industry. By December 2019, the monthly trading volume of their customers got to 325.8 billion USD, and the number of their active traders exceeded 72,721. At the moment, the Exness group provides a vast range of financial instruments, including metals, energies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency pairs, and indices. In this Exness broker review 2020, we are going to be looking at what Exness has to offer forex traders.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 gives traders of these present days a mouth-watering array of features that provides tremendous freedom in navigating the financial markets. The MetaQuotes developers have highly improved the interface of the trading platform, thereby enhancing their performance and productivity. Besides, this particular trading platform has enlarged its trading features, making it quite an eye-catching option for traders who desire to explore fresh trading opportunities.

Advantages of MetaTrader 5

  1. MetaEditor: With the MetaTrader 5 traders can now directly launch the development environment from the terminal. In addition to this, fresh programs appear automatically in MetaTrader 5.
  2. MetaQuotes Language 5: When traders utilise the MetaTrader 5, the limitations that exist in the MetaQuotes Languages are terminated in a new language. Also, the number of graphical objects and functions has increased.
  3. Hedging System: Exness has decided to go for the hedging mode operation of the MetaTrader 5. This feature gives a trader the ability to possess several positions for a trading instrument, in addition to exact opposite ones.
  4. Timeframes & Charts: All charts are generated at an interval of one minute. This permits the utilisation of up to 21 timeframes, and the quotes history is organised in a compact form.
  5. Fundamental Analysis: On MetaTrader 5, Traders can utilise the benefits of an in-built economic calendar, with expected impacts, news events, and forecasts included.
  6. Analytical object tools & Indicators: MetaTrader 5 provides inbuilt indicators, 45 graphical objects, and 22 analytical tools, equipping clients with extra features to enhance their trading experience.

MetaTrader 4

Exness MT4 is recognised worldwide as a leading platform for trading in the financial markets, and it is downloadable right on the Exness official website. Traders of all experience levels and from all parts of the world choose this platform to trade forex and some other financial instruments, making use of its stand-out features to obtain the best while trading.

Advantage of MetaTrader 4

Flexible Trading

MetaTrader 4 gives clients the capability to implement and develop a variety of trading tactics, despite their complexity, in addition to placing most kinds of trading orders and utilising two kinds of order execution: Market and Instant.


Traders can carry out technical analysis by making use of particular tools, including 30 built-in technical indicators and 23 analytical objects. This helps traders to respond to price changes rapidly. Furthermore, traders that make use of Exness are given financial information from the world’s top TC. Technical Analysis indicator and providers from the international analytical agency trading central.


Securing clients’ data is one of the major priorities of Exness, so all communication between the trading platform and server is encrypted, making use of 128-bit keys.


Thanks to superior trading robots named Expert Advisors (EAs), trading and analytical operations on the financial markets can be completely automated. MetaQuotes Language 4 can be utilised to customise your scripts and robots. Importing of EAs doesn’t take long.

Demo Account

A demo account is also available for individuals who are not experienced and lacks confidence in their trading skills. A demo account can be created to trade in a 100% risk-free environment.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Exness Group offers its clients all over the world, and they are given access to a wide range of withdrawal and deposit options to pick from. Below are some of the payment methods and their features:

SticPay: Clients that make use of this withdrawal and payment method have the privilege of instant deposit and withdrawal speed. However, a minimum of 1 USD is required.

QR Payment: This payment & withdrawal method offers clients immediate withdrawal and deposit speed. Also, a 1 USD minimum is needed.

Bitcoin: Choosing Bitcoin as a payment method comes with some certain privileges, some of which are 0 USD minimum deposit and a deposit & withdrawal speed of up to 4 hours.

Neteller: Neteller offers it, users, instant deposit, and withdrawal speed. 10 USD minimum deposit is needed.

Bank Card: Customers that utilise bank cards are required to make a minimum deposit of 3 USD. Furthermore, the deposit speed is instant, and also, the withdrawal takes 3-5 days to complete.

General Rules for withdrawing and depositing funds

  • The term “instant” means that a transaction will be performed in a few seconds without the manual involvement of their financial department experts.
  • Funds of traders can only be withdrawn to their personal accounts. This is a safety measure put in place to prevent money laundering and guarantee financial security.
  • It is essential to know that charges or commission may apply for withdrawals and deposits.
  • The company does not accept payment to third parties or direct payments. All information related to withdrawals and deposits can be located in the customer’s Exness Personal Area.
  • Withdrawals and deposits can be performed within 24/7. In the case where withdrawal or deposit is subject to immediate completion, it will be handled within 24 hours.
  • Exness Group cannot be held accountable for delays in withdrawal/deposit caused by payment gateways.

Client Support

Clients of the Exness group enjoy the maximum level of client support through a truly global approach and their personal service. They offer customer support in 13 different languages, and their website has been localised into 15 different languages. Furthermore, the Exness group provides 24/7 support in Chinese and English, including 24/5 client support in 11 languages. They provide customers with the exact things they need: new opportunities to explore the financial markets, constant improvement, and privilege to work with a renowned leader in the financial market.


Exness is a Forex trading company that has been recommended by forex experts. With their academy, analysis and insights, and webinars, traders are more likely to succeed than fail. Their customer service is next to none, and their trading platforms are very easy to use. Exness is suitable for both experienced for traders and those clients that are new to trading.

Pillars of Exness

Reliability: Exness has, over the years, built a reputation that has endured the test of time. They ensure speedy fulfilment of every financial obligation they make and also guarantee the safety of customer’s funds.

Convenient Service: In the aspect of a client’s comfort, Exness tries as much as possible to meet up with global standards. It ranges from how fast withdrawals/deposits are executed and the level of professionalism of their customer support. They also have their website in localised versions and a variety of payment systems.

Transparency: Exness provides its customers with detailed information regarding the services they make available. Exness manner of operation is straightforward, simple, and strictly complies with universal legal requirements.

Quality: Taking clients’ requests into cognisance, Exness is continually expanding and enhancing the services they provide.

Account Types

There are two account types that clients can open based on their level of experience and how much they are willing to invest. In this section, we are going to be taking a close look at these accounts and their features.

Standard Accounts

The standard accounts are best fit for all traders, especially those who are not well experienced and will not want to risk much. Some of its features are stable spreads, market execution, and no requotes.

Professional Accounts

Professional accounts are designed to meet the demands of most skilled and experienced traders. Some of the critical features of these accounts are execution to suit scalpers, even spread-free or super-low spreads, algotraders, and day-traders.

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  • Safety of customer funds
  • Great platform for both advanced and new traders
  • This broker is improving its platform contantly
  • Great customer service


  • Minimum deposit
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