BioNTech/Pfizer makes an attractive Investment during Covid

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Ugur Sahin ends Covid 19

The scientist behind the first cleared interim clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine says he is optimistic that his product would “bash the virus over the head” and bring an end to the pandemic that kept the world hostage in 2020.

In a press release on Monday, the German company BioNTech and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer revealed that their jointly produced vaccine candidate had surpassed expectations in the critical phase 3 trials, proving 90% successful in keeping people from falling ill.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine Safe?

However, the question of whether the vaccine is also safe for those with asymptomatic infections has been left unanswered by the lack of complete data sets from the ongoing trials.

BioNTech’s chief executive, Uğur Şahin, said he was positive in his first interview with a British newspaper. When asked Sahin confirmed that he believes that the vaccine will have a dramatic impact on stopping this pandemic.

Covid-19 Vaccine killing the virus

Until the results of Monday ‘s trial were announced, the scientist said he was not sure whether his vaccine would cause a sufficiently strong human immune system reaction. The virus may not necessarily be targeted by the vaccine, find its way into the cells, and continue to make people sick. Now we know that this virus can be killed by vaccinations.’

While current tests of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine could not officially show that it prevents the spread of the virus, as opposed to simply preventing infected individuals from becoming ill, Sahin said that the findings of high effectiveness led him to believe that it would.

The vaccine is developed with an experimental method known as mRNA. Although traditional vaccines take genetic information from a virus and develop it in a human cell, the genetic code of the virus is merely required by the mRNA method, shortening the manufacturing process by almost three months.

How does the vaccine work?

“The vaccine prevents Covid-19 from entering our cells. But even though the virus tries to find a way in, then it is bashed over the head by the T-cells and eliminated. To perfect these two defensive moves, we’ve trained the immune system very well. Now we know that the virus is unable to protect itself against such mechanisms.

Some critical questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine would be answerable only in the weeks and months to come, Şahin said. It may take up to a year to determine for certain whether it can also avoid asymptomatic infections.

Pfizer Stock Rises On Covid-19 Vaccine

Pfizer shares flirted with a breakout on Nov. 9, following the Phase 3 test and 90% vaccine efficacy.

43,538 participants were screened by the companies for the vaccine. Researchers discovered Covid-19 cases in 94 participants in the first study, divided between those who obtained the vaccine and the placebo community. In the third week of November, a second review is planned.

After that, the firms intend to ask the FDA to approve emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine.

Is Pfizer Stock A Buy Right Now?

Interested in online trading advise? Pfizer stock is not a purchase right now, based on CAN SLIM investing rules.
On Nov. 9, shares briefly topped a purchase point from a flat foundation, but couldn’t hold on to their benefit. When it is within 5 percent of a purchase point, it is better to buy a stock.

As it develops a Covid-19 vaccine with BioNTech, it is important to keep tabs on how Pfizer stock performs. So far, the results seem good, but it will be necessary to see if the company steps up its production ahead of possible emergency authorization.

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