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In the world of trading, there are many financial assets available. Fx-Watchdog focusses on the forex market. However, nowadays the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and with more than 1,500 different cryptocurrencies available we can’t ignore the influence this financial asset has. The world doesn’t know how to live without cryptocurrencies after 2008. Technological revolution happens in all areas of the world, also in the financial world. The most common issues are protection, privacy and usability. To stay on top of the trading game we inform you on the crypto news. How would I protect my privacy if I can just move my crypto online? Most people don’t realise that the most stable and private transaction is the transfer of cryptocurrencies. Transactions in cryptography are encrypted and can not be tracked. Fx-Watchdog shares the top crypto news with you so you won’t miss out on the latest news.

Bitcoin Price Drops Failing to Reach New Highs

Bitcoin plunged in Asian trade on Thursday to one point, more than 6 percent down the day after failing to new highs.

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies Explained

Recently, cryptocurrencies have been increasingly popular across the globe, and sometimes, you might wonder how cryptocurrencies initiated and if it is safe to invest in cryptocurrencies or not? We will discuss the history of cryptocurrencies and various other aspects to explain to our readers the rise of cryptocurrencies.

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