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When we talk about Forex Market News, we need to specify what the Forex Market is exactly? Forex also commonly written as FX is the place for the exchange of different fiat or national currencies, such as the Euro and Pound. Forex is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. The demand for Forex trading is high with daily trades of trillions of Euros, Pounds and Yuan. The Forex market is an electronic network of brokers, banks, organisations and individual traders. There isn’t a central location, it happens all around us. This network has currency needs and may also speculate on a specific movement of currencies. They put orders on the network to buy and sell currencies so that they can deal with other foreign currency orders. The demand for forex is available 24/7. Fx-Watchdog covers all Forex Market News for you to stay on top of the trading game.

USD falls to 3-Month Low as Poor Economic Data Struggles to Ignite the Recovery

On Wednesday, the dollar plunged to almost three-month lows due to poor data, signalling a further fall is on the horizon.

Pound to US Dollar (GBP/USD) Exchange Rate Edges Stronger than Trump commits to Biden Transfer

GBP to USD Exchange Rate Edges Stronger than Trump commits to Biden Transfer.

USD Down as Covid-19 Vaccine Optimism Raises Risk Appetite

USD was down as investors switched to riskier assets after growing optimism about a global economic recovery following raised optimism for Covid-19 Vaccine.

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