The investment world is ever-changing. New legal and illegal financial assets are added to the market every day. Other financial assets are leaving the market. All over the world people are investing and trading. This happens online and offline, nationally and internationally. Not only hardworking people, also people who want to take advantage of honest traders. How can we make sure trading is done legally? It is 2020, with all the information and technology available you would think the investment market should be transparent. But unfortunately that is not yet the case. FX-Watchdog came to life to make the investment world safer, more transparent and easy to enter for new traders. Our main focus lies on forex investments. Investing in a legal way, that will benefit everyone.

Unregulated Brokers: How reliable are they?

What is your biggest fear when you want to invest money? Most likely, it is one of these two; losing money or making a wrong bet. Imagine making an investment on a broker platform, and the next day the platform doesn’t exist anymore. We want to warn you before this happens.

AFM – Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets

It is an essential thing that every governmental territory holds its financial regulatory authority. In the Netherlands, Authority of Financial Markets (also known as AFM) is an organisation responsible for all financial markets' security. They aim to keep the marketplaces secure from risks and violations.

IIROC- Investment Industry Regulatory Organisation Of Canada

In June 2008 an independent regulating firm was established to monitor the capital market of Canada. This organisation has been working towards achieving its goal to protect the investors. Along with encouraging trading in the financial markets of Canada. The self-governing organisation has a set of rules that are to conduct interviews of firms they doubt.

FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for the U.S.

FINRA, stands for The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is the most considerable independent regulating authority that oversees all the financial firms in the United States. FINRA's purpose is to ensure that security-providing industries operate with sincerely and legally with private investors or clients.

FCA – Financial Conduct Authority U.K.

Financial Conduct Authority, generally known as FCA, is a regulatory body in the United Kingdom. It was created after the abolishment of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which happened after the financial act of 2012. What can they offer you?

CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

The financial regulation authority in Cyprus is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Also widely known as CySEC. Cyprus is the small island in-between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and full of forex companies due to the beneficial tax system.

What are Investment Seminars?

As the name suggests, investment seminars are information sessions on where and how to invest your hard-earned money to get a greater profit.

What Are Commodity Scams?

Commodity scams are one of the most popular money scams that have caused a lot of damage to many people.

Scams Explained: Prime Bank Scam?

Has anyone ever offered you a chance to invest in a scheme with a high yield and low risks and it seemed too good to be true?

Biggest Investment Scams Today

Investment scams are becoming increasingly common in the modern-day world.

New Zealand’s FMA Suspends EncoreFX Licence

New Zealand’s FMA Suspends EncoreFX...

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