What Are The Best Ways To Invest Money In October 2020?

Ways to Invest in October

Let’s take a ride into recent history, shall we? The pandemic brought the entire world in a dark place, where nothing was certain. The purchasing power of the consumers decreased by a large proportion. Even the well-off people found themselves in a problematic situation. People who had made significant investments faced a massive loss as the businesses faced losses. Every business, whether small-scale or large, only tried to survive during these months. Most people around the world were surviving on government grants and tax cuts. The rise in inflation demanded a change in monetary policies, and governments did as much as they could, all over the world. Now that October has dawned upon us and the situation seems to go back to a second wave, we had time to prepare ourselves. We can finally make some financial decisions to make the most out of the situation. This is because the people who were previously hand-to-mouth, are now in a somewhat stable condition too. The businesses have commenced by order of the government, and finally some sense of ‘normalcy’ has prevailed. Let’s dive into the list of the best ways to invest your money in October 2020!

If you’re someone who’s looking to put his/her hard-earned savings to some profitable cause, then you are in for an investment opportunity. Let’s have a look!

Interesting Ways To Invest Money

Thanks to Covid-19 and the consequential lockdown, all of us ate at home. I mean, it wasn’t without its benefits because some of us turned in chefs and our kitchens turned into Master Chef kitchens. Home-cooked meals were the only meals in our fate, and all of us happily ate them. However, our mothers can’t expect us to be like this forever. Jokes apart, people have had enough of the home-made food, and they’re craving for restaurant food.

This is a golden opportunity for everyone to invest in an eatery as the restaurants are jam-packed these days. While we all hope that this doesn’t aggravate the pandemic situation, the truth is that the restaurants are back in business and they’re making incredible sales. It is recommended to become a partner or be a home-based food business. You can even search for restaurants that are seeking investors. These restaurants had no business previously, so hopefully, they’re looking for investors to come forward and help them in maybe reconstructions, repairs etc.

Once you’ve put your put foot in this line of business, you’ll discover that this is one of the companies that never go out of fashion, trend or season.

Travel And Tours

As horrible as it may sound, none of us stepped out of our houses because of the prioritisation of health. The terror of catching the virus was greater than enjoying a low-cost vacation. People did cancel their pre-booked holidays like honeymoon and what not. The travel industry suffered more than we can imagine. Since the airports are open again and the local flights, as well as the international flights, are also operating, it serves as a green signal for investors. Here’s what you can do:

  • Fund in your travel and tour start-up if you have the experience and the expertise both. It is essential because this is a technical line, which requires knowledge in the field. If you think you have what it needs to run a successful travel and tour agency, you’d be enjoying a desirable yield out of your investment.
  • It is so rare to be a jack of all trades so you can offer your investment proposal to a friend or family member (maybe a distant family member). They may be running a private limited company for all, you know. Your investment will allow you to become a shareholder in that company. This way, you would have control but not necessarily a load of burden.

The air tickets are being booked by many because people see travelling abroad as a gateway to relaxing their minds. These past months have been hectic, so many people are looking to change their environment and take a refreshing break. Turn on the news, and you’ll see for yourself how many countries are experiencing an increment in the inflow of the tourists. Keeping all the facts and figures in place, you wouldn’t regret this investment.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a form of outsourcing investments in a way where the institutions gather the funds from the investors and invest portfolio of securities. There are several mutual funds with varying objectives. These are as follows:

  • Money market
  • Growth Fund
  • Fixed Income fund
  • Islamic Fund
  • Fund of Funds
  • Index Tracked Fund

Instead of keeping money in bank accounts and earning a minimal amount of interest, why not put it somewhere profitable? You could start with as low as $100. All you have to do is to set up an appointment with a specialist consultant who will guide you about different mutual funds keeping your requirements and investment amount in view. If you want to earn a high amount and do not care much about the risk factor, you can go for the package where your money would be put in some company in the form of shares.

However, you should not claim your money in less than a year because the pay-out then is not very substantial. Let your investment grow with patience as you do not have to worry about the managing task. The financial advisors carefully supervise the entire procedure, and the good news is, it is low-cost and easy. You can even opt for online consultation, but do not forget to read all the terms and conditions vigilantly.

Stock Exchange

The stock prices reduced drastically, and many of them are still at the same price. We’re talking about big companies here that make profits beyond our imagination. It is safe to say that buying shares here will be worth it.

Medical Necessary Items

The masks, gloves, sanitizers, face shield and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), are the demand of the hour. People have been purchasing these items like there is no tomorrow. People are ordering these from international websites like Alibaba, Amazon etc. They is an integral part of everyone’s daily routine because the fear hasn’t completely vanished; neither should it be.

According to doctors, the precautionary measures should be taken very seriously. We do not want to invite the second wave of Covid-19. Therefore, you could invest in bringing these items to your homeland by importing if you are in a country where these are limited in supply. People can tolerate the scarcity of staple food, but the lack of these items is a big no. Put your investment in a way that your shipment comes in bulk so that you can either sell them at wholesale prices to benefit all. If you do not know how to sell or reach customers, you can sell them to the resellers.

A smart thing to do would be to take orders from hospitals where these equipment items are needed 24/7. You can even export these if your country produces these in abundance. This way, you’ll benefit the national economy because you’ll contribute a certain amount of your profit to the government revenue. Either way, you are most likely to earn a decent amount of profit. Make sure to choose the right channel to sell your items and prioritize quality over quantity.

Commercial Transportation

Recently, Uber and Careem have increased their fares by a large percentage. The trip prices have doubled and in some case scenarios, more than double. Their reason? Inflation. Well, their prices are no longer affordable for a middle-class citizen. The regular customers are desperately searching for a cheaper, or say reasonable alternative.

Does it ring a bell then? Hint, hint!! One of a kind investment opportunity, people!

About time you invest in those wheels. Please discuss with the potential investors and divert their minds towards this. Set up meetings and present a well-researched plan with budgets and forecasts. You never know, you could be able to convince them to sponsor this idea and breathe life into the project.

If looking for investors is not your forte, then search for start-ups that are functioning in this line. Ask them if they require an investor. Given the economic conditions, most probably they do. If not, you could buy a car as a form of investment and reserve it for serving it in these businesses. You are guaranteed a handsome commission for every ride.

Most economies are moving towards the growth phase, so try your financial luck and double the money you have in your banks. Look for sincere and worthy investment opportunities; after all, it is your hard-earned money at stake. Do proper and thorough research before deciding and always keep documents for everything you do. Now you’ve learned what the best ways to invest money in October are. Before you start investing it might be good to also learn how more about the biggest investment scams.

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